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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Getting Rid of Negative Energy

I followed her through her front door.
"This is the kitchen, " she waved her hand lazily at a light filled room. In it were chairs seated around a long oval wooden table, a bar at the opposite wall. The sink, was around a corner wall, which had a fridge built into the wall. An modern oven, with glass top elements.
"My husband always tinkers down there," she pointed down a flight of stairs which led, I assumed to a basement under the house. "He's always starting a project."
At last we walked down a long hall, with heavily framed oil paintings hung, each one telling a story about the family. Horses, jockey's riding, winning a race. paddocks with horses. Finally at the end of the hall, was a painting of a child sitting on a swing, looking across into a dark forest. How strange, I thought, as my client finally lifted a lazy hand to point me to a room. "Here," she said, her face suddenly serious and pale. "This is where is happens."
A week ago, I was driving my children to the movies. They were excited and noisy in the back seat, when my phone rang. I answered with loudspeaker. A womans voice came through requesting to speak to me. She told me she'd seen my advertisement and wanted to know my soonest availability. I asked her what was happening.
"In my granddaughters room, we can hear talking. Sometimes banging or thumping on the wall. Last night we were awoken in the middle of the night by talking. My granddaughter is with her mother. She isn't here now. We have a ghost in my granddaughters room. Can you please come and have a look?"
Standing outside the room, I tried to focus on the room, although my third eye continuously gave me visions of the stairwell we walked past before, at the start of the hallway. I look back to see why, is there energy around the stairwell? Again, I tried focusing on the room. I slowly walked in the room, extending my energetic senses out. Feeling everything in the room. Standing in the middle, stepping onto a round fluffy rainbow coloured rug, I closed my eyes. Holding my arms straight out infront o me, feeling the energy. I circled around the room, feeling. Aha! Energy.
"There is energy here." I told my client, opening my eyes. I asked if I may have a moment to speak with the energy being.
The woman walked away as I asked the energy who they are. I could make out a small child, and felt a male vibration. He told me his name was Nicholas. He was 6 and his tooth just fell out. It made me smile, how cute he was. I asked him if my client was family to him, and he said no, but he likes the little girl that comes to stay sometimes. That they play together. It made sense that he was acting up while she was away. making noise. I looked around the room, and realised he would probably have been playing with her toys, teddies, a dollshouse, and train set. That was probably the voice my client was hearing. I asked him if he ever goes down the stairs to the basement. He told me that he's too scared because its so dark down there. That might have been why I was having visions of it as I was outside the room. He may have been projecting his fear to me. "Nicholas," I said, "there is a special place that you can go and play with lots of children your age. they have toys, and lovely people to help you so you're not alone. I can make a beautiful light, and you can ride a fun train to go into it. Would you like that?"
"Will I still get to play with Angela?"
I assumed that this was my clients granddaughter. "You can come back after you've been in the light. It might be a little different, but you'll be happy."
He was thoughtful, and I could hear my client at the door. It must have been strange seeing a grown woman sitting on the edge of her granddaughters bed, talking to the wall. But I could see the spirit o a little boy, who was lonely and needed to go into the light. He looked at me with trusting eyes, and slowly nodded. "Ok."
I closed my eyes, and visualised a fun looking train, with a black whistle the blew blue smoke from the top. I painted the train red, and in my mind shouted "all aboard!" Nicholas was excited and jumped on and I created a beautiful soft glowing light for the train to go into, and smiled widely as I watched him go inside. I always hear something like, "beautiful" or "peaceful" as they go in. this time I heard "beautiful."
I told my client the basics of what happened, although she was a little sceptical. I think she was imagining I'd be more of a shaman, walking around beating a drum, or chanting. Sometimes this is effective, or even necessary depending on the spirits belief system. What works for them. Sometimes a spirit needs loud prayer in a specific religion to be played from my phone. Often I use sage, and sea salt with blessed water sprayed over doors.
Negative energy is really the perspective of my clients. What is negative to them, is energy to me. I work with these energies,council them. Help them to understand what is happening, and assisting them to move on. I don't believe that much else is necessary. Quite often a perfectly humble and placid spirit will want to move on, as much as the physical people who reside in the same place want it gone. If someone came in demanding the spirit to be gone, commanding it to obey and follow instruction. Be prayed over in a belief system they don't understand, the spirit may well become very negative. That is why I prefer to feel it, see whats happening. Work with it peacefully. And finally explain that going into the light is not an end, but a new start to feeling better. They can come back, only they will be a higher frequency, so staying in the denseness of our realm will be more difficult. They can hang around for shorter periods of time, although still, the can visit loved ones anytime.
You can read more about my work, what brought me to do what I do, and exactly how I do "Spirit Consultations". I also explain how to bring the light, and how to help a spirit move into it.
Check out "Being a Consultant for Spirits" here

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

FREE ebook giveaway to all my readers! YAY!

So, you know I love you, my readers. I think you are amazing beams of rainbow light, that make my heart sing. I decided the best way for me to show you how much I appreciate you, that I am giving away my brand new ebook. Yes, no tricky small print at the end of this article. You won't be scrolling down for half an hour to get to the punchline, where you need to enter your credit card details. This is pure love. From my heart, straight to you.
My ebook, as I wrote in a previous article, teaches you how to tap into the energy fields, which make up the aura around people, pets and plants. Even large areas like forest. You will learn how energy works, manifesting as emotion and thought forms. Dominating the behaviour of children, couples and basically any environment. You will have some fun activities to do with friends, pets, plants or just yourself. I made sure this book is user friendly, and won't take a whole heap of effort to read and follow. You can read it on the train on your way home, during a camping holiday, or just on a Sunday afternoon. I myself prefer short books, with clear outlines and guidance. No fluffing about with too much background and getting of the topic for chapters on end.
This ebook will teach you effective techniques that are sure fire ways to perceive the aura. You will understand what you are seeing, and how to use the knowledge for personal or professional purposes.
The promotion will last for 24 hours, 5th to the 6th of May, 2016.
My gift to you.
Click the link below to receive your free copy now.
How to see Auras ebook for Free!
With peace, light and much love,
Bel xx

Monday, 2 May 2016

Seeing Auras - opening the third eye

This is a question my clients have been asking through out my career.
One thing that is asked is, "Why can I see, and they can't?"
That's the thing. Its all subjective.
I really don't believe anyone has a skill or talent or magical gift that others don't.  We're all one and the same.
Like His Highness The Dalai Lama teaches, we are all one. We are all experience a lifetime, and even though we are having different experiences it is all one source we connect to. We share this source, Universal Consciousness. It flows through my etheric veins, and it flows through yours.
I tell my clients, family and friends that they can do everything that I do. There's no separation.
"But how?"
Train your third eye. Teach it to see. Decide it for yourself. Say to yourself, I can.
An excellent technique I found on youtube, is from a lady who explains the important of understand the science behind the 3rd chakra. I explain all of this in my ebook, You're an Angel.
The 3rd chakra is a beautiful indigo energy spiral, that funnels out from everyones third eye region. The more you tune into someone, the deeper your third eye tunes in, and receives the information.
An excellent exercise you can do is catch some rays. The sun gets those lovely serotonin hormones flowing, and these hormones regulate your pineal glands. it creates that harmonious balance between melatonin and serotonin. Helping your third eye to function. the worst thing you can do for your third eye is drink sodas, anything that contains metals. You'll be surprised that some foods and drinks and even vitamins and vaccinations contain metal. It's important for your energy field that you have a balance in your food choices, so you get the most out of your own abilities.
But we're all human, and we like the good, the bad and the ugly. I don't eat lettuce for breakfast, icecubes for lunch and a carrot for dinner. So I worked out some techniques with the help of Archangel Michael.
For anyone who would like to use techniques that are easy to do, and encourage a connection to light and loving energies.
I love calling the energy of Angels and Archangels. In the morning I love shuffling and choosing an Angel card, to give me inspiration for that day. I have friends who I do this with aswell online. We pick cards for each other, to keep that high vibration going throughout the day. Cards are not necessary to connect with the Angelic realm, cards are tools. A focus that is aesthetic. Some prefer the pendulum, others crystals. It's all a tool and technique. Even reiki, I've discovered is a tool. My reiki master, Martin Lee taught that the symbols are simply tools for focus. Powerful, although still a tool. To tap into our own powerful source of connection to healing.
For the moment, I teach my clients that including Angels and Archangels is a great idea in their meditation, to open their chakras, to balance their energy system. To find a parking or to let go of past traumas. These celestial beings are our connection to deeper parts of ourselves, the environment and others around us. Even higher sources of energy. They are our bridge, as I say in my book.
They are also our teachers.
I share my own techniques and knowledge of auras and energy. Even using the pendulum to tune the chakras, and a few fun things you can do with plants.
Here is a link to a sample from my ebook,
How to see Auras.

Don't forget to say hi on my Facebook page, and check out my twitter for insight and some funny stuff @belbird74.

Stay in peace, love and light,
Bel xx

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

How to work with Angels of light

After all these years, decades actually, of doing service and learning so much through my clients and the Angels that are around me. Here I now bring to you my new ebook which has been bringing much insight to many around the world. I will soon be converting it into an audiobook, as well as a paperback copy for those of you who prefer the physical bookshelf. I know I do. 
For now, I feel compelled to offer it to my blog readers.
Here is what a few people have written about my book. I am honored and feel so greatful that spirit has chosen me to be the writer for the lightworkers of the world.
On the bottom you will find a link, and be sure to write to me via email, or the review process that kindle and amazon have prepare for all buyers. 
Here is a few positive comments that I am proud to show off.

Amazing Insight, powerful meditations, deeply spiritual.
"Finally you've written it all down." 
You're An Angel - Living the Light.  
In this short "lightworkers basic guidebook", I explain easy and effective techniques that take little more than a few moments. These strategies are my own before every consultation, to bring the most out of my self as a lightworker.
You too can develop this insight and knowledge, with the help of my powerful meditations to bring light and to open your third eye. 

"I was amazed at how easy the meditation was." Loretta Harvard of Pascvalle

"Immeditaely after doing the third eye meditation, I began to see lights that I believe at auras around people." Kevin O'Connor of Harley

"I'm intrigued, and can't wait for her next book." Sally Tong of Brookvale.

Discover these new techniques, in opening yourself up to a new way of perception, and seeing the world, and bring light to your every day, with Living the Light, 

Click here for your free sample

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Free Angel Guidance ~ Limited Time

Everyone has light inside of them. A light that is from their origins. The light that connects them to Spirit and then takes them back when they are finished this adventure on earth. 

This light also connects us to each other. Lighting the way to new friends and soulmates and more. This light is our connection to our Angels and Spirit Guides, and how our loved ones recognise us, like a name or fingerprint. 

When I meditate, I meditate on this light, and messages I receive from my Angels and Spirit. This time, I received the message that I am to spread even more light. In the way of Angel Readings and Prayer. 
So I extend my hand to all who are guided, to all who are led to read this. That I will do Free Angel Readings for those who need guidance or would like to know more.
Simply email me your situation, and I will do my best to reply asap. I can accept this position for a limited time, as I work daily. 

Peace Love and Luminous Light to light your ways, always.
Belinda xx

Monday, 11 April 2016

Channelling Rose on Empathy, Evolving, and Connecting to Spirit guides.

I thought I would begin a new segment for you, channelling my beautiful Spirit guide, Rose. 
I have my own personal channelling sessions with Rose, for my own evolvement and spiritual growth, although I realised her knowledge would benefit many others as well. So I decided to ask Rose, in direct reference to the general public, questions that would benefit them, and that I assume is in their interest. 
if you have any questions you would like me to address to Rose, Please send me an email, and I will blog the outcome. 
I present to you, the lovely, Rose.

Dearest Rose, Spirit guide of the highest light and intention, I have questions that I need to ask. 
Rose, I would like to ask questions for the betterment of the general public. Is there advice concerning how the general public can be ore empathetic to one another?
Yes, my dear. There are many techniques that the people of the earth today can harness. One of these such techniques involve breathing. Just breathing, my love, deeply but gently. Breathing in the energy of joy and love, even when you cannot reach that vibration due to stresses, say the words, "joy", as you breathe in. Its a wonderful tool for evolvement.
Another technique that is highly successful is the nose throw. Yes, you heard correctly. It has nothing to do with throwing noses, although it has everything to do with not sticking it up at situations. Basically being humble in all situation my love. Seeing everyone as fortunate as the other. We all as humans are spirit. We all harness the energy of love. There is no sticking the noses up at anyone in spirit. You in physical form are still spirit, therefore must realise that you are all equal and the same. 
Rose, what are the first steps to evolvement?
The first steps are being born, again and again and again. As often as possable. living the life that challenges and brings about much joy to others. This is evolvement. This is growing spiritually. Learning to give without expectation. This, my love, is the first steps. Learning to give. This is not always material. Just giving your time, what are we to give if it wasn't for time? Just spending time with our accreted ones. Giving of ourselves. Information, wisdom, healing, and consoling even when we are not recognised. This is the first steps, my love. 
Rose, how can we recognise our Spirit guides better?
Spirit guides are there with there people, even if they are not heard or felt. This is how we evolve once we have moved onto from the physical. By serving those who need to be served for their higher purpose. To better acknowledge your Spirit guides, it is simply a matter or saying, "Hello Spirit guides. I know you are with me, and you can show yourselves to me in a way that you know I will accept and be prepared for." and then wait for your senses to open up. There is not much else to do my love, opening up is another topic. This is dealt by the Archangels mostly. They help with the spiritual opening of the senses. Spirit guides point to that direction. 
Thankyou Rose. I love you, 
you are welcome my dear, as always, you are my shining star. continue to spread your light, and we shall chat here again. Although I am always with you. 

Friday, 25 March 2016

Identifying with a different life.

I have come across texts, and people where the topic is the identification with a different life.
Its an interesting thought to process.
One that can be a challenge to grasp.
Until you begin to understand it to be your own situation.
It can go like this.
Its a hot day,
and your swimming pool looks very inviting.
So, you change into you swimming suit and get in the water.
mid swim, as you are floating, and the water surrounds every pore of your being, you feel a shift within.
You are no longer a person, with bills, debts, calls to make.
You are a mermaid.
Every time you close your eyes,
its easier and easier to slip deeper and deeper into the form of a mermaid.
You open your eyes,
and you see your swimming pool all around you.
You close your eyes,
and there you are again. A mermaid.
Of course you leave the pool, and the phone rings, bills get paid and debts still await you.
Although, just for those few moments, you identified with a different life.
You were a mermaid.
This can happen as you are strolling through a garden, a tropical rain forest, a bushland, or an arid desert.
You can walk through beautiful trees, green ferns...feel them reaching out to you.
You suddenly feel them calling to you.
To allow yourself to slip away with them for just a while.
You continue to walk, and you feel the light touch of a silk web on your cheek.
As you brush it away,
and close your eyes,
you are a forest nymph.
You touch the bark which clings to its tree.
And feel its vulnerability.
You connect with the life which sits within.
And develop a deep love for everything around you.
It is all green, all alive and all telling you amazing secrets which will improve your life, and the earth.
Identifying with a different life is an amazing way to meditate, and let go.
To connect with the life around you.
To open your heart.
I hope you enjoyed my topic today,
Stay beautiful my little butterflies,
Bel xxxxx

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Does Time Exist?

What an interesting concept.
That time doesn't exist.
It came to me at a time i guess i needed it the most. I'd suffered a bout of anxiety due to some circumstance that life throws randomly, and I'd just prayed to my Angels for help.
To have the strength to overcome this random act of weirdness from the universe.
As i lay searching my phone for stored meditations i keep in the, i received the message cognisantly that time isn't real. 
Who I was long time ago is who i am today.
Who I am today is the person i will be tomorrow.
I regained my sense of self, and sure enough when I awoke next morning, i was still me. :)
I began my road to discovering the meaning behind this message.
A very certain thing in life and forever more is you will always be you. 
The consciousness you have now, will always be there. 
Sure it changes, yes you grow and develop and evolve, but it is always you.
Time doesn't change. It starts and ends and starts and ends,....every second. It brings you something.....eternity.
Just to grasp that concept, that time is in fact not real, but something we keep as a time line for our physical manifestations, it can be boggling.
Truth is, that time is something that can connect us, separate us, leave us stranded. Destroy us, make us and completely change our life.
Only if we allow it to.
If we give it the power to do so.
If you consider time is not part of your reality, you will come to be detached from it.
It will not affect you anymore.
Your reality will not revolve around the tick tock anymore.
I went through about 3 years of telling myself i don't have time.
Time just escapes through my fingertips.
I cant even take a breath anymore.
Every time i look at the clock, its much too fast and leaves me out of time.
And sure enough, it didn't take long for my affirmations to prove positive in my every day life.
I was out of time, out of breath and constantly wondering where the time has gone.
Life was slipping by me and i was in slow motion wondering what happened.
It was surreal, that what i was saying was becoming more and more powerful in the weirdest way.
So I decided to turn it around. 
And completely detached from time. 
I stopped allowing it to trouble me. It wasn't able to slip past anymore because it didn't exist.
Everything that needed doing was in perfect motion with everything else and it all worked in the rhythm that it was meant to.
And so, it began to happen.
I was still me, doing what i do every day.
The clock didn't affect me anymore. Things were getting done, everything was in its place, and i didn't dance to the tock of the clock anymore.
It brought a deeper meaning to me, 
That time doesn't exist except in each own perception of the world that surrounds.
Just as the space that surrounds each own perception.
It is all in the individuals perception of the world around them. 
Interesting isn't it?
Ok my cherubs, 
stay beautiful, 
and thinketh mucheth....eth
Bel xxxx

ASMR~love it or..........?

I'm a bit of a late bloomer with technology lately.
By lately, I mean in the last 5 years or so.
Today I searched for a video, but the girl was whispering so slightly. I couldn't work out what was wrong, was her microphone wrecked.
My daughter walked into the kitchen, while I'm staring at my PC, squinting eyes and holding my earphones, so no other sounds can interfere.
I just couldn't understand what the girl was talking about, and why she was staring in the screen, flipping the pages of a book into her microphone.
That's not what i thought the video was about, I wanted to know about a card deck, and how other readers works with them.
So, as my daughter sat at a table near me, I mentioned the girl and how shes so quiet. Then I mentioned that her title has ASMR in it.
My daughter said shes heard of it, but its not something shes really heard much about.
So i googled it.
Surprisingly, i didn't find much. Besides how it was founded and now a way of speech.
I thought I'd look at more videos and see what its about. So i typed ASMR, and its really huge amongst its fans.
The guy who spoke, was a normal everyday person, in his office. He stated his insecurity with doing ASMR, although he wants to make video to trigger that response from people.
I was immediately entranced.
What response?
So again I googled, what response from ASMR?
Apparently it can cause, head tingles, good feelings up and down the spine, healing for the meridians, the ears to cleanse and for sound to flow much smoother.
I realised, this is actually something I love.
Its kind of like pillow talk. Something I miss. My most recent partner didn't understand the bonding experience that pillow talk has for a couple, and because we never bonded, it wasn't that difficult to realise the partnership wasn't right.
So, people long for pillow talk. That quiet, lispy, kissy talk, where you hear all the sounds, the breath, the letters, and that watery mermaidy singsong sound that comes from whispering with that little bit of vocal behind it.
I am now a fan, because i, like other fans, miss and love pillow talk.
So Ive set a poll, on my twitter account, for people to tell me what they think.
Checkout my twitter account, and vote, because it counts.
Also, I'd like to know what you'de think of my style videos, if they were ASMR?
Comment on my channel, or email me.
So, as always,
stay beautiful, my gorgeous butterflies,
and stay tuned,
~*^kissy*whisper*lispy mermaid voice^*~
Bel xx

Saturday, 12 March 2016

A soul love

Soul love
I saw a picture today, that inspired me to write this.
The picture was of a couple, one had his arm around the other from behind. the one infront was reaching behind to hold his partner. It stirred a longing in my heart. A longing for that type of bond. A love that is deeper than all the deviant love in the world that is so easy to find.
I want that love, like in the picture. Where the soul is connected. The soul feels the other soul. So beautiful.
My great aunt and great uncle had a love like this.
Even as a small child I remember, they were always close. They'de walk into the room arm in arm, shoulders touching. They'de greet everyone, together. When they'de sit, they would sit close, actually pull their chairs together, closer. Always, and they'de be in their own world. Like love birds. chattering together, wiping an invisible fluff of his jacket, and he'd stroke her hair. As an adult, and they'de come to family get togethers, they would be much older. Many many years of marriage. Still, they're shoulders touching and arms clinging as they walk in the room. Much older, and much shorter than i remember as i child. The same happy expressions. When i'd look at my great aunt, she has deep lines in her beautiful face, that show her constant smile. Even her nose, had smile lines that made her look like a mouse. Her husband had the same expression. I'd wondered if they won the lotto. My grandma said that they still drive their old datsun from the 60's, they eat a very humble staple diet, mostly from their own garden, and live in an old house that they maintain themselves.
They're just lucky to have found a love so deep, that nothing can ever come between them.
I then wondered what starsign they are, maybe there's a secret. He is virgo and she is libra.
Its just love then. No special secrets. A soul connection. Whether they're twin flames, that match perfectly, or a perfect earth pair. Maybe they were lovebirds in they're previous life.
Each time they were around, they were so happy always, to be together.
Like the couple in the picture. Closing their eyes, reaching out to each other, feeling each other on a deeper level than just physical. Beautiful.

When things go down

I was considering lately, why bad things happen. Not just bad things happening but negative situations causing all kinds of disruption to someones life.
I think most people can relate to that one. I know I can. It can be a minor hitch to a life changing disaster.
While I was thinking about it, and all of my own personal hitches and life changing disasters, I began to notice patterns. Each time something happened, I found a way through it. I also became somehow different. Something inside me changed and matured, strengthened.
For instance, I remember as a child, I slept over my grandmas house while there was a very loud storm. I was in the lounge room on the couch, while everyone else was in different room. I remember how I felt quite vividly, and was desperately trying to keep my eyes closed so I could sleep. Suddenly an extremely loud crack of thunder bolted from the sky somewhere very close to where my grandmas house was, and shook the large window, where I was sleeping. That was when I really learnt what scared was. I began to cry with fear. It must have been so late, because noone heard me. They were all asleep. Until an aunty, I didnt even know she wa in the house, suddenly came into the lounge room and knelt down beside the couch. She stroked my forehead and asked me why I was crying. I told her the loud thunder frightened me.
She then explained the importance of inviting my Guardian Angel to help me. She then got up and left. The storm carried on, but suddenly I felt so much better. I actually felt as if my aunty was still there beside me stroking my forehead, but she wasnt there. I then knew it was my Angel comforting me. I slept very soundly after that.
That is a small childs disaster.
An adult has different situations, like dealing with a traumatic incident, or large debts, death of a loved one, loss of a car, theres heaps of different situations to bring a person down. And still, the Angels are there.
Angels are nice to have by your side because when those times come up God knows we struggle. We are creatures of habit and like routine. When something changes and becomes difficult, we automatically become distressed. Our comfort zone is compromised.
That is one example of a good time to commune with your Angels. Just tell them what the problem is. Let them know. Invite them into your life to help out. To pull a few heavenly strings for you. To work in the hearts of those who have authority.
It's nice just to know you have Angels around you.
An example would be one night, my husband rang asking me to pick him up from work. I didnt mind ofcourse, although where we lived at the time had only street parking. It was night, and noone was walking around at night time. I closed the front door and was really uptight walking towards the car down to another street. I immediately asked ArchAngel Micheal to please watch over me, and please help me get over my fear.
I received a vision of a tall luminescent being with wide outstretched wings following me. I actually felt him behind me. I thanked him, and knew I was safe. I got to my car, and felt so greatful that I had my Angels with me.
Its an extra strength in this life, to help us along the way.
Angels blessings,

Negative Energies

It's a pretty sensitive topic, negative energies. Over the years I've had contact with negative energies.
Although lets start at the beginning. What is negative energy?
My experiences range quite wide, regarding energy and how it manifests.
I have found that the majority of it stems from peoples thoughts. How a person perceives reality. When I'm down or going through a low point, I find it very difficult to reach up and ask for Angelic guidance. I feel that I need to feel the steps of climbing back up to neutral state of being. Each emotion and thought guides my perception, and how I see things.
At the point of feeling low, if I am in a negative state, where the sun shines too brightly, the chips are over cooked, the pavlova is too sweet, the doona is too warm, and things like that, then I am being negative. I am actually sending out negative energy, just by my perception. How I see the world turns me into a mini cyclone of negative energy.
Some people become a mini cyclone of negative energy automatically when they wake up. They just dont want to be awake. Some people become one as soon as a driver over takes them on the highway. They are seething inside, thoughts are whirling in their minds, curses and negative visions, small daggers with flamed ends are being thrown all over the etheric space.
I have known people like that, and it's quite a sight. If they stay in a negative state for long, eventually people and animals start to pick up on their energy, and avoid them. They start to look different, and you can start to see they are negative people. One example of this manifesting from a negative person with a negative mindset, and being psychically sent to another is what happened to me one night.
I was driving with a negative person in the passenger seat next to me. I pulled up to a petrol station, and this person was in a very angry and aggressive mood. I was quietly asking ArchAngel Micheal to be with me and protect me. (the person I was with was an older family member, so I knew I was safe.) As I placed the petrol hose into the car to fill up, and I pulled the lever, I looked into the car at my family member who was very upset, and they were watching me with a very angry expression, and just then the petrol gushed out extremely quickly and exploded out on the car and all over my side, drenching me.
I knew that the person in my car was cursing me, as there was alot of intensity coming from them while I drove up to the petrol station. After the incident the person reacted and seemed satisfied. I, in turn, had to go to the rest room and cleanse the petrol off as much as I could until I got home. This is an extreme experience of negative energy, it was very palpable, as energy stirs within a person, it grows. Gains a life. Energy is living.
That is why I feel it is so important to keep a check in on our thoughts, and see where we are at.
I can't say we all have to imagine butterflies and candy all the time. Its impossible to do so for a person, because living in this world we come across so many different challenging situations. Although small steps are beneficial to releasing some of the rubbish we harbour in our thoughts. If you keep a check on yourself, you'll notice alot of what you think is repetitive. About yourself, about others, about what is happening. This is habit. It's ok, because thats just how it is in life. Everywhere you look, theres something going on that might not be very good. Turn on the t.v and watch news for a few minutes, you'll see what I mean. I try not to watch t.v much, except children programs with my kids. And selective programs that I find are not too intense. I actually find that I take on board alot of the crap that comes from the t.v, if someone hurts a child on the news, I walk out of the room and have a cry to release the energy. My husband always calls me in if theres a house fire and some children got hurt on t.v, or some trauma has occurred in a family because he finds it amusing when I get upset. 
This is people feeding off others emotion.
Thats why Angels or some spiritual helpers are so important in todays living. They cleanse the air out a bit. Keep you a little protected from all the stuff that gets dished out into the environment. They help you and teach you ways of dealing with yourself and others. I've been learning from my spirit helpers for decades, and being as stubborn as I am, it's taking me alot of difficult lessons to learn whats important. One thing I have found to be an important lesson is to keep a check on my thoughts. As I mentioned above. If you've got heaps of stuff going around in your head about others, or yourself, or a situation, just write it down, if you're worried someone will find it, rip it up after. Or bury it symbolising the burial of negative thoughts. Thats not to say you'll stop thinking negative stuff, its just a small step leading to a giant leap.
Positive thoughts on the other hand brings all sorts of cool stuff to you. When you go outside, you'll notice butterflies wont fly away from you. Dogs wont bark at you hysterically when you pass, they'll just stare at you and maybe bark a friendly hello. Flowers and feathers and leaves will start popping up around you, like the other day i was surprised when a little leaf with tiny baby gumnuts attached to it was delicately balancing upon my car window. I looked at it, and almost flicked it off before I got a little feeling of love as my heart began to swell. I then realised it was a little gift from the universe. A little sign. So i placed it in my car, somewhere I can keep it. A tiny treasure.
My thoughts aren't always great and positive, although I do try. I try hard to stay innocent to the horrible stuff that goes on in the world. I'd rather not know. It's too much to understand sometimes. I went through the phase of why. Why are there terrible people on this planet? Why is there all the bad stuff? When the answers slowly came, then I understood. Not all the answers. Just some that assist with my own growth. So that I don't poison myself with curses and anger at the whole mess. I'd rather live in bliss, where my life is ok, and where if I can help I will, and if I can't I don't involve myself if i can help it. Not that I would turn my back on someone if they needed assistance.
Im saying I wont watch terrible things on t.v, or involve myself in gossip and backstabbing. 
I won't get any enjoyment in putting people down and things like that. Infact it repulses me.
A little innocence can keep you young at heart. You don't have to know all the news, and politics. There's professionals out there who do that for you. They get paid for it, and then pay psychologists and psychiatrists, so they can clear their minds of all the grief. You can choose your life and what you bring into it. What you focus on is what you amplify into your being. How you focus your attention, is what comes to you. Those who focus on negative stuff, unfortunately bring about negative situations. I have my post on negative stuff happening even when you dont focus on it, but now in particular Im talkng about when people with negative mind sets attract situations to them just like their thoughts.
Think about loving illuminated beings, with shimmering colours of pearl and pink and indigo standing behind you, with outstretched wings/arms ready to envelope you. They are loving shining beings which are extentions of omnipresent love for us. Especially placed behind and beside you anytime you ask, and even if you dont at times. They are there.
Angels blessings,

Friday, 11 March 2016


What I find interesting is people who photograph orbs, and get so excited about it, put the photo all over the internet, and show everyone. Then along comes someone and bursts their bubble by looks like dust on the lens to me.
How horrible.
What if it really is an orb?
Also consider those who can see orbs with the eyes. It gets complicated then, because you get those who say its a myodesopsia, or less commonly as myodeopsia.
Then there's those who say its retinal detatchment. And then if its not that they ask if the person has a migraine or high blood pressure. Then that is the cause of seeing orbs.
What about if there is just a person seeing orbs and that's that?
I have never managed to take a photo of an orb. I don't think I have the right type of camera. Although I do see them. With my eyes. I have done so for many years, and I always wondered what it was.
And it has taken just as long to work out what they were. I still don't know some of the ones I see.
It always happens that I see them in the same way I see auras. Someone may be talking to me, and I see the familiar glow around them, then i see the orb appearing, if there is one. Once my 3 year old was running out to play, I was in the garden digging up some soil when I turned to see him coming over to me. Around his head and shoulder were two orbs, different sizes following him. Greyish transparent. Another time I went into my 7year olds room at night to check on him, when I saw 3 orbs, grey again, like clouds hanging around his head. I watched them for while and wondered what they were. On odd occasions I see them just floating around. Ive woken up to see them around my room. Once I prayed in the evening, and saw about 5 float in through the doorway. I was amazed as they looked like bubbles that were just floating one after the other. I started doing some research on orbs when I came across Diane Coopers youtube videos, and she talks about orbs alot. She even has a book about them. That is actually when I began to understand what they were.
I mean it's great to have the gift to see these amazing phenomena, but whats the use in seeing it if you don't understand what it is.
So as spirit guided me to learn about orbs, I found that I was seeing more types and varieties of them. That became really confusing for a short while, it was like, just as I begin to understand what I see, I'm being shown different ones.
Spirit is a great teacher, and all becomes discovered at the pace that is perfect for my growth.
Isn't that a great affirmation? Spirit is a great teacher.....all becomes discovered at the pace that is perfect for my growth.
Well, I'll leave you with that thought for today,
Angels love and blessings,

Friday, 4 March 2016

The Psychic Teen:- Feeling like your being watched

How to:~ Touch someone energically

Energy-what is it?

Channeling: how do we know?

Channelling: How Do You Know?

Good question.
7 years ago, I began to wonder the same thing.
How do I know what I channel?
Where does this information come from?
Is there really a spirit beside me, placing the words inside my mind at the time the pen is in my hand? or my fingers tap the keys?
So I continued to channel, My hour was set, like an appointment. Not from the beginning, when I started and realised I can do this, I channelled anytime. With lots of questions. And I received lots of answers.
Just before my Guide, Omnitius, began offering wisdom, I went through a very strange phase.
A different energy. At the time, my higher self was guiding me to breathe, to access information from higher dimensions. Higher vibrating frequencies.
When my higher self, or Angels channel, sentences begin with beloved, or my child. Its a type of loving energy that begins each piece of information, like a greeting.
Omnitius doesn't talk like that. He is loving, and very sweet, but also more of an equal. He still calls me child, but the energy is like I'm at school.
The first channelling was interesting, because he came right out saying he was different. He knew I was learning the breathing techniques, and asked me to practise a few others. He works with beings from 'the rainbow ray'. To get that information I was breathing for a while. I couldn't grasp that concept even in a meditative state. To recieve his name, that was a challenge. Its still not accurate, but its the best way to translate. We don't have the correct language to be able to make out his proper name. I feel like 'Omnitius' is a short hand of his name.
Because of my daily commitments, I wasn't ready to completely immerse myself into the tasks that he had set for me to accomplish.
Our hour was getting shorter and often being interrupted. He understood its the human condition. I cherished all our times, and his wisdom was so deep and ever flowing. Things that most of the world are not ready to receive.
Eventually, he allowed me to see his energy. What an amazing being. Id seen him may times throughout my life, I just didn't realise it was him.
About a month ago, I sat down, and felt ready.
I was disappointed when the sentence began with "beloved child"
Although I was greatful I was still clear to receive.
At the end of my channelling I asked if Omnitius was still able to come.
The information I received was amazing. At the same time, answers how I know, what I know.
It was my higher self, answering,
Before Omnitius left, he embedded information into my Higher self. When I am ready to receive, and able to to continue to bring the knowledge to my conscious self, it will come. When the knowledge that has been implanted is exhausted, and I am able to begin what is set out for me to complete, he will return.
What an amazing development to my Channelling.
What wise beings they are.
This is my story.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Listen to My written version of My Spiritual Truth

Spirit Forms

Did you know that spirit comes in many forms?
There's forms that we can see, such as tree, flower, human, animal, celestial (stars), and so on.
Although behind these manifestations, there are subtle energies.
Some have more than one. Some are incomplete. Most are here to complete their evolvement, some are here to help with that.
We are all here for a reason. To finish our growth, to learn, to begin our evolvement just like an infant, to help others with their course on earth.
Then, there are those who we cannot see, that are here for exactly the same thing. They are here to observe, to heal, to be healed, to learn, or just to be.
If you think of the tree. They are there for many many years. They've watched civilisations build. They have seen forests turn into suburbs, waterfalls become roads. Mountains become villiages. Lets think about mountains. They have spirits, energies. They are beings of their own right. Some shapeshift, some wrap around the mountain, some sit and watch their physcial manifested being change into what we make them. Powerless to change our intentions.
Then there are those who do have the power, to cause avalanche, earthquake, eruptions from the Earth Mothers core.
If you look up, you will see beings so far, so powerful, so energetic, that they control and balance our own entity that which we exist on. Earth, the feminine. The Mother of our universe. Who gives birth to many from all origins. Welcomes, nurtures and loves us all.
She is beautiful, in all her forms. Which are, all who exist upon her.
To her we are one. Her children.
There are many, on Earth.
And so, acceptance is the first step, to realising who we are, and why we are here.
My channel is all about this.
I receive my information from Spirit, and with this I grow, evolve and understand.
I share this with the world. You.
I only ask you spread the word, so others too may grow and evolve, to make the world a more accepting and loving place.
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